Me and Vishant were thinking about what type of video our next project would be. After brainstorming a bit and with World Clean Up day approaching we decided on something for the environment. That’s when Vishant remembered the talented Henry ‘Akara’ Tapoto and we asked him if he had anything surrounding the subject. He sent us the text and a short audio clip. Without wasting any time we set a shooting date on September 14th at Leonsberg. That day was also the first time I met Henry in person. We just went with the flow a bit and shot some freestyle footage.

We won’t ask people to change. We encourage you to wake up and see what is happening. We are doing our part, and we respect those who do theirs. It might feel as if we are in the minority, but that is good enough to make this world better.

You can link up with Henry on Facebook.

Thanks to Shellen for snapping some behind the scenes photos.

Mangrove: a message to those who contribute to earth. Here’s the resulting video:

Forever yours…